Outside/rs 2023

Outside/rs 2023
Postgraduate & Community Conference


Whether you work to support LGBTQ+, BIPOC and other communities, campaign for change and liberation, or research for a PhD, we invite you to come and share your knowledge and experience with others. We want to bring like-minded people together to listen to, learn from and challenge each other. No qualification is necessary, just a willingness to participate.

Outside/rs 2023 is a postgraduate and community conference, scheduled for June 9th – 11th 2023 and hosted at the University of Sussex. The conference will be a three-day, in-person event, though delegates will have the option of also attending online. Saturday 10th June 2023 will focus on the community.

If you are a PhD researcher, or if you work, create or volunteer in the LGBTQIA+ community (including in intersection with other communities or issues), we would love to hear from you! Outside/rs 2023 is a space to challenge the distance between the academy and the community, to make connections, and to learn from each other.

Where is outside, and who are the outsiders?
For graduate students, postgraduate researchers and early-career researchers, the division between the inside and outside of academic life become blurred. For scholar-activists, practice-based researchers and those from historically under-represented groups, this liminal experience might come to define their academic practice. At the same time, the material conditions of academic research and the precarious position of postgraduate researchers in particular impress upon us the border between inside/outside. This conference aims to work with and against this pressure.

For LGBTQIA+ community members and service providers, the pressure of inclusion is an important task, but also an impossibility. Whether due to specialist provision, political difference, or economic limitation, creating and nourishing queer community cannot just be an act of infinite enfranchisement. It also entails risky decisions, tough priorities, and inevitable exclusions. By responding to the demands and needs of community members ‘out there’, the spaces we build and the services we provide are revealed as contingent, and not without criticism, challenge and contestation. This conference aims to work with and through these contradictions, as it highlights the importance of blurring and nuancing what makes the inside, as well as outsides, an insider or outsider(s).